MetroLED by Universal Fibre Optics

Linear LED lighting system for display illumination

System Overview

MetroLED redefines what is possible with LED cabinet lighting.

Traditionally, displays are either designed around existing case lighting, or else a costly new lighting system is installed. With MetroLED you just change the lights.

Do your displays require all spotlighting effects? Or a complete linear case wash? Or any mixture of the two?

Only MetroLED allows you to have all these combinations from one system.

All components are plug-and-play - just swap out the parts you don't need and push in the ones you do.

MetroLED - It really is Child's Play.

System Components

1. 45° Elbow
Part: MTL-EB
2. Driver and Dimmer
Part: MTL-D4 or MTL-D7
3. Twistlock Spot Fitting
Part: MTL-SL-3K or MTL-SL-4K
4. Mounting Feet
Part: MTL-MF / RT / RS / CT
5. Spare Infill
Part: MTL-EB
6. Gooseneck Fitting
Part: MTL-GS-3K or MTL-GS-4K
7. 20mm Extrusion & Infill
Part: MTL-EI
8. Trumpets & Lenses
Part: MTL-LNS-CL / MO-W / N / C / F / D
9. End Cap
Part: MTL-EC
10. Power In Connector
11. Rotating Corner - Left or Right
Part: MTL-RC/L or MTL-RC/R
12. Linear Strip - 45,95 or 245mm
Part: MTL-LS/45/95/245/ - 3K/4K
13. Dimmer Plate
Part: MTL-DP
14. Power Supply Unit

Ordering Notes